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Anonymous asked
What are a few things you wish non-Australian people knew about Australia?


I’ve been thinking about this ask for a while and here’s what I’ve come up with;

Australia is pronounced “uh-STRAY-lee-ah” rather than “AWW-stray-lee-ah”
Melbourne is pronounced “MEL-bin”, not “mel-BORN”
Brisbane is “BRIS-bin”, not “BRIS-bay-n”
Canberra is “CAN-brah”, not “can-BER-rah”

"Yeah nah" means no
"Nah yeah" means yes

"Fanny" means vagina, not butt

No-one under the age of 60 actually says “G’day mate”

Pies are full of meat

This is fairy bread and everyone should experience it’s magic at children’s birthday parties

These are thongs

These are biscuits

Male kangaroos obviously don’t have pouches because males DON’T HAVE BABIES

Kangaroos don’t just hang around people’s houses they’re wild anim- Oh wait this is my driveway;